Who we are


The projects take shape from direct experience in the field, collaborating with people from different social and disciplinary areas.

The field in which projects are carried out involves heterodox realities and communities linked to phenomena of historical and political exclusion.

Issues such as borders, conflicts and identities are addressed by paying attention to the processes of memory recognition and construction.

The projects promote the expressive capacity and interventions of the actors involved, through workshops in autobiographical and cultural production.

The research draws content from multiple sources, mixing different ways of communication according to the situations and the participants.


Propagazioni first began in 2018 after an experience of self-production related to the documentary Il Comandante di Roncobello by Pietro Bonfanti, with the aim of exploring and supporting practices combining participatory art and anthropology.

In parallel to continuing the production of documentaries, in 2021 Propagazioni became a collective with the aim of creating PROPAGAZIONI Bollettino di esperienze di campo, a periodical publication that collects testimonies from artists, anthropologists, educators and other figures working in political and social contexts.

The collective is currently composed by Pietro Bonfanti, Nina Ćeranić, Valeria Codara, Davide Manzoni, Doriana Offredi and Riccardo Preda.